05 November 2009

I understand now..

I understand now why Dr. Marvin Candle, in the Swan Orientation film, cautioned the button-pushers not to try to use the computer to communicate with the outside world: the Hostiles never knew of the Swan's existence, and he wanted to keep it that way. Possibly he also knew that Dharma would be wiped out, and he wanted to keep the button-pushers inside so that the button would continue to be pushed. The Mule in this scenario is Radzinsky: How did he end up pushing the button, 15 years after the Incident, and why would he be the one to cut out the warning from the orientation film? Given Radzinsky's extreme paranoia, wouldn't it be dangerous, from his point of view, to remove it?

I understand now that John Locke is, and always has been, "amenable to coercion." He was conned by his father, he was conned by Eddie, and he has now been conned by the Nemesis. Who put the idea in Richard's head that Locke would have to die when he left the Island? The Nemesis. Who did Locke hear it from? Christian, the same Christian who inhabited the cabin that we now know belonged to The Nemesis. (Speaking of the cabin, if Locke's vision of Horace is to be believed, Horace himself built the cabin. Maybe Dharma was one of the Nemesis's plans to kill Jacob and destroy his people.) We thought that Locke had been taken advantage of and put upon his whole life, until he came to the Island, but what if he was still being conned? The Nemesis played on Locke's fears and hopes, making him believe he had a destiny, all the while just using Locke to get inside the statue with Ben so he could see Jacob die. The Mule in this scenario is Locke himself: he's done just enough good, just enough to help Jacob and Jacob's people, to maybe thwart or at least delay the the ultimate plan of the Nemesis. Only time will tell.