19 April 2010

Post #250: Vacation

So the Toaster is taking a quick jaunt to our nation's capital. I'll probably miss Tuesday's installment, but you bet I'll see it as soon as I get back into town.

I didn't tell you what I thought of the Hugo episode; I loved it. Libby was back, but of course we didn't get to see why she was at Santa Rosa in the original timeline, unless we did. Think about it.

Love seems to be coming front and center these days. Also free will, which reinforces the prediction I made earlier: Kate is going to have to choose between Jack and James one final time, this one for all the marbles. Mark my words.

Ilana!!! Man, I gasped when she blew up, and I really hope we haven't seen the last of her.

Ok, I'm off...

08 April 2010

Another thought....

Q: Why did Widmore take Jin and Jin alone? He didn't try to get Kate, Jack, James, Hugo: Why?
A: Remember when Sun and Widmore met in the airport? What does Widmore want? He wants the Island back, and he wants Ben. What does Sun want? Jin, and only Jin. We will see that Sun and Widmore made a deal: he would keep Jin safe and reunite them, and she would deliver Ben to him.
You'll see, I'm right.

07 April 2010

Happily Ever After, hopefully not the most ironic title ever :(

"Something has happened in the part of my brain where "Lost" lives. As we get closer to the end, I’m becoming far less analytical, and just watching for enjoyment. I love reading other people’s theories and acute observations, but I am no longer so interested in scribbling down notes during the show and trying to connect the many threads. In time, it will all be laid out before us. "

I found the preceding in a comment on Nik At Nite, one of the blogs I follow in-season. It really sums up where I am at with this story right now. I read the blogs, and the wiki talk pages, but I am quite happy to suspend theorizing, to just sit back and enjoy.

HOWEVER, I continue to notice things, make connections, have thoughts, such as:

1. Desmond, turning and turning in the widening gyre. Didn't that scene of him taking a big EM bath in Widmore's outhouse remind you of Dr. Manhattan, from Watchmen?

2. This is the second Desmond episode in which he plays the Picard role in a story taken nearly directly from an episode of ST:TNG. "The Constant" was based on the TNG series finale, in which Picard became unstuck in time, and, cycling through three different timelines, had to identify the commonality between all three in order to be saved. Tonight, Desmond was knocked out by an EM field, and woke up in an alternate reality, just as Picard did in The Inner Light, one of the most heartfelt, emotional episodes in the Trek canon. Picard lived an entire lifetime as a different man, a family man and scientist rather than a Starfleet captain, and when he awoke, it had only been 20 minutes since he had been knocked out. Both men seemed to have a profound experience. A lot can can happen in 20 minutes.

3. Still waiting for the backstory of The Others, to me, the last real character mystery of the series. They seem, despite all their disguises, to be deeply Catholic in their morality. One thing I keep coming back to is the lists. It was said, by various Others, that Jack, Kate, Sayid, and the rest were not on Jacob's lists. The lists Jacob gave to the Others were lists of people who Jacob wanted to become Others. Here's the thing: none of the Others knew anything about candidates, except maybe Dogen, and I'll bet he was also the only one who knew the true nature of the Monster, that he was a man. The events of Richard's flashback lead me to believe that there was no one on the Island in 1867 when Richard arrived, or at least, if there was anyone there, Jacob had no interaction with them. Another thing I keep coming back to is the runway. That's right, the runway Kate and James were forced to work on when they were in the Others' custody. Jacob told the Others to build it, because he knew about Ajira 316. It's entirely possible that the sole reason for the Others' existence is as an enemy, or an obstacle, for, first the Dharma Initiative then the survivors of Flight 815. That is, Jacob created them, shaped them for one purpose, just as Eloise groomed Daniel his whole life to die at her own hands. Of course, various Others have talked about their work, referring to "this whole thing we're doing," and I wonder if the Others are not just stooges in the end, like the denizens of the Pearl: they think they are are doing the science, but ultimately are just rats in a maze. With no cheese.

4. Another series is in its final season as well: 24. I know a lot of people have stopped watching, but I never did; even during the shitty years, I saw it every week without fail, and guess what? It's as good now as it's ever been. I won't talk too much about it, except to say this: After 9 years, it's a series that still keeps me on edge. They never lost their ability to sucker punch you. If you never thought Forrest Gump's best good friend Bubba or Milton from Office Space could be badass, this is the season you've got to see. And Katee Sackhoff as the duplicitous analyst with a dirty past is soooo nerd-tastic!

5. "Not Penny's Boat." I'm just sayin'. Still gives me chills.

That is all. Alohomora.