23 May 2012

My daily routine.

Over a year and a half since I checked in here. There's another presidential election on. MCA is dead. My "work" is spending 3 hours a day with 12 kids, ages 4-5. This is my day:

Wake up around noon, and do the following before leaving just after 2, in no particular order: walk the dog, look for jobs on the internet, play Call of Duty, talk to J while she's on lunch break, make and eat a lunch consisting of PB&J, yogurt, crackers, and iced coffee. Leave for work, listen to a podcast on the way. Get to work. The daily schedule of a pre-school is mind-numbingly routine, and I won't bore you with it. Go home, make/drink coffee with J while watching Jeopardy, maybe catch a sitcom before going into the kitchen with a podcast to do the dishes and make dinner. Walk the dog. Tuck J into bed, which is absolutely my favorite part of every weekday. Watch a movie or a couple episodes of something while rolling our smokes for tomorrow, play Call of Duty, go to bed. Repeat 5 out of seven days.

Weekends are nice: Friday night is relaxing with J and later a friend comes over to blaze and watch some British comedy. Saturday is more relaxing, plus a trip to the grocery store. I always get pizza for Saturday night, when we invariably start the movie too late for her to stay awake. She falls asleep on the couch with her legs in my lap and I finish the movie, wake her up and we go to bed. This is nice, this is living. Sunday is sometimes laundry day, some times not. Sometimes we go down to the Fenway theatre and catch a flick, but not too often, because that shit ain't cheap.

The elephant in the room is the abject poverty and stress that results from only working 3 hours a day. It can seem unbearable, but we're bearing it together. And it will be over soon. Good things are on the horizon. Change is coming. Maybe not from that skinny dude with the big ears in DC; probably get more of the same from him.

The future? Well, it has a shape now, more than just a fuzzy blur. There's probably a pair of rings, maybe some tiny feet, me getting paid to sit in front of a computer and help people fix their problems, new house, learning how to drive, less hair, higher percentage of gray hairs, which is ok, and for the love of Pete, will SOMEONE finally commit to putting The Dark Tower on the big screen?

The End