10 March 2014

It occurs to me

It occurs to me that I have certain viewpoints that, when expressed negatively, can tend to make certain people angry. Very angry. I wondered, then, if there was a way I could express them positively, and whether they would still make people angry. If so, I want to know why. If what you read here disturbs you or if you feel threatened by it, I ask "Why?" Here goes:

I believe in one humanity, undivided by lines on a map, pigment on skin, belief (or lack of) in a higher power, or any of the myriad reasons people have been coming up with for years to rationalize inflicting cruelty on others. I believe in the power of the human spirit, that it is vast and that we are all connected to it. I believe the earthly expression of the human spirit is that we can think and feel and that we can communicate those thoughts and feelings to each other. I believe in the truth of what I can see, what I can measure, and I trust what others have told me that they have seen or measured. Also, and this is not a contradiction, I believe that there are things in the universe, maybe even places, that transcend our five meager senses and appeal directly to our spiritual selves. These are to be treasured, and unbound by the fact that what we see and what we measure tell us they cannot be.

I believe that there are powerful truths in the stories we tell each other, and in the stories we share together.

05 January 2014

ah dammit

I want to write more. I want to tell you that if you come back tomorrow you'll see something new. I have a lot to talk about; I have some new thoughts on how Butch Coolidge and Marsellus Wallace perpetuate a cycle of abuse. I'm deep into Bioshock Infinite and Beyond:Two Souls, and I am loving Lily Rabe's portrayal of "swamp witch" Misty Day on American Horror Story. Our sweet girl Eva, who was quite sick during this blog's last flurry of posts, has gone over to the Rainbow Bridge, but soon after we welcomed another little furry one into our clan. I work at home now. 40 hours a week and zero commute. That's at least 10 hours a week I haven't had in my life in nearly 20 years. No reason not to write, indeed.
Here is the million dollar question: is anyone going to read it?